Playland Daycare Centre

Susan Shu

Marina Jeladze

Betty Yang


Supervisor, RECE, BA of Edu.
Susan is a passionate and multi-talented educator of early childhood education. She has been a teacher for more than 20 years in language teaching and children’s bilingual early learning. She holds a Bachelor Degree of English Education and also got her ECE diploma from Seneca Collage. She has worked as an ECE and supervisor for 14 years in different daycares and bilingual children's centre in Toronto.

Susan is proud of being the first bilingual ECE teacher and supervisor in the bilingual centre. She edited and recorded books and CDs for children from 1.5 Yrs to 6 Yrs. She also leads the “Preschool Early Learning” and bilingual “Parent & Tot” program in Toronto and has been mentoring ECE/ECA teachers. She shows genius profession and love in helping young children grow and expect high of her students. Children love her so much and enjoy her music and movement class, drawing class and story-telling!

Betty graduated as an Early Childhood Educator at Centennial College .She is the head ECE teacher in the classroom who loves working with young children. Betty is energetic, patient and demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills while working in a multicultural environment. She also demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills. Her class is fun and engaging and she is well beloved by all children

Marina is a dedicated and passionate educator and has been teaching children for more than 20 years abroad and in Canada. She works as an experienced teacher in childcare fields in Toronto and she is a great language teacher in English, Russian, German and Georgian.
She understands how children develop and is very nurturing in helping children deal with situations. She demonstrates in-depth knowledge and excellent skills working with young children and families of different needs. She is well loved by parents and children in our centre.