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P.A Day Camp

7am to 6pm, early and late care available

Ages 4-12

Our P.A Day Camp will offer your child the same endless opportunities to explore, and experience their learning world as our March/Winter Break and Summer Camps.  Activities will vary depending on the season.

Day Camp fee: $55.00/day (lunch and snacks included)

Registration fee: $50.00/child; $80.00/family

Winter Break and March Break

7am to 6pm, early and late care available

Age: 4-12 years old

We are looking forward to another fun and exciting Winter /March Break filled with endless opportunities to escape, explore, experience all that Playland has to offer.

Your child will also have the opportunity to learn Chinese/Russian and their cultures!  Fun theme and experiencing and exploring interesting topics about languages are chosen for you. This one or two weeks’ theme-based camp is packed with fun activities for inspiring children’s interest in language learning.

Camp fee: One-week program: $275.00/5 days; $220.00/4 days; 180.00/3 days; $120.00/2 days or $60.00/1 day

Registration fee: $50.00/child; $80.00/family

Meal Plan: student need to bring lunch and snacks (nut free)


July 4 - September 2 (9 weeks) 

9am to 4pm, early and late care available

Camp hour: 9am to 4pm      School Opens:  7:00am to 6:00pm

Groups: Preschool, Kindergarten, and School Age (2-12 yrs) 

Our Summer Camp will immerse your child in a full learning environment with fun and interest. Each week at camp we have a different theme for language, maths and science classes with associated fun summer special activities, such as sports, swimming, field trips, creative art class, music and magic show class, pottery and brush painting class, giving campers a happy summer.

Program choices for age 2-12 yrs old

Camp fee:

$275.00/week for 2 weeks or less

$250.00/week for 3 weeks or more

Registration fee: $50.00/child; $80.00/family


All fees include lunch and snacks.

70% of full day fees will apply to half day students.


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