Playland Daycare Centre
Ministry Licensed

Welcome to Playland – Daycare Centre and enjoy an exciting and fun-filled learning experience at PLAYLAND which is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and governed by Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014(CCEYA), providing a unique early year learning experience and serving children 2 to 4 years old.  We hope that the experience we provide will be a mutually rewarding partnership for all concerned.

Playland Daycare centre is committed to quality whole person education in this global society. We believe in providing an early learning environment that is secure, caring, loving, nurturing and anti bias.We believe all children are unique and should be treated with equality. OurCentre aims to provide a diverse curriculum that reflects both group and individual needs, and to provide enriching experiences that encourage and promote learning and development through ongoing “learn through play”, observations and evaluations.

Our early childhood educators (RECE) encourage and assist with children’s daily activities, meal times, dressing, sleeping, toileting and nappy changing. They aim to direct and promote children’s behaviorto build up children's self help skills and independence, high self-esteem and self worth through positive encouragement and experiences.Families are encouraged to share their culture, language and home experiences with the centre, and are evolved to participate in the centre activities.

Our Philosophy

Playland Daycare Centre

Our Mission


Playland is dedicated to support and nurture the creative, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and academic development of young children and to strengthen children's ability in the following aspects:

  • Empowering children to believe in their abilities
  • Promoting children's emotional quotient: self-awareness, self-motivation, empathy and social skills
  • Providing positive reinforcement to build self-confidence and independence
  • Providing early learning at an early age to build a strong foundation for school
  • Providing and maintaining a healthy learning environment
  • Increasing the child's knowledge of world
  • Gaining appreciation of different cultures
  • Strengthening family ties