Open hours:

Saturdays and Sundays:


11:00am to 10:30pm


Full capacity for a party:


100 guests

(50 children and 50 adults)

All party packages:

16 children(maximum)

26 adults(maximun)


$3.00 for each extra child

$2.00 for each extra adult


The most exciting birthday celebration for your child!

Make your child’s party as a piece of cake!



Playland Private Indoor GYM:




filled with giant climbing bars,

connected tunnels, ball pool,  

air pumped jumping castle, 

 gigantic inflatable slides,

 large video game machines (coin free),

electric cars/motorcycles ,  

balls and more.








 Playland Private Dinner Rooms:



are available for you

 to set up your personalized decoration,

bring inn your own food,

 To celebrate your Cake Time, Pizza Time,

More options including

pizza, drinks, cake, loot bags, face painting, extension hours.



Playland is a shoe-free environment. Socks are required for children & adults.

Our staff will help set up and clean up for you.

Accepting Private Party Reservation

Call and book now: 



A Private, safe, care-free environment with a large indoor party GYM for children 1-10 yrs to play with parents/guardians and family in a relaxing atmosphere.

with over 2,500 square feet of play space, we offer a wonderful play area for children, a variety of party package and two dinner rooms for party.

Playland Birthday Party Place


Playland Birthday Party Place